Media Coverage to Date

As the number of publications about the case has continued to expand rapidly, it appears the best format to organize these is on a separate web page that can be linked to from the Case Updates page. The list is in reverse chronological order and will be expanded as more articles are published.


Witch-hunt, junk forensics? San Antonio Four fight for exoneration.  KENS 5 TV News. 11/20/2012


Video: Sexual Assault Case Could Open Doors for Reviews. Tamir Kalifa. Texas Tribune. 11/18/2012.


Sexual Assault Case Could Open Doors for Reviews.  Maurice Chammah. Texas Tribune. 11/18/2012


A Growing Battle for Exoneration. Maurice Chammah. New York Times. 11/17/2012


Parolee Continues Fight for Exoneration. Michelle Mondo. San Antonio Express-News. 11/17/2012.


Free the San Antonio Four. Jordan Smith. Austin Chronicle. 11/16/2012


Kid’s Removal Called Payback for Recanting. Michelle Mondo. San Antonio Express-News 11/14/2012.


Freeing the San Antonio Four. Michael Barajas. The San Antonio Current. 11/14/2012


Woman Fighting to Clear Name in 1994 Sex Assault is Paroled. Michelle Mondo. San Antonio Express-News. 11/13/2012


The San Antonio Four Show the Injustice of Sex Abuse Witch-hunts. Harvey Silverglate. Forbes. 11/12/2012


Innocence Case Gaining Traction. Michael Barajas. The Current. Oct. 23-29, 2012


Against Equality: Prisons will not Protect You. Ryan Conrad (Ed.) AK Press. 2012.


Leaving Prison for Sexual Assault, But not yet a Free Woman. WOAI 4 News. 10/17/2012


Parole Okayed for Woman Fighting for Exoneration. San Antonio Express-News. 10/16/2012


Sexual Assault Victim Recants Statement; Suspect Approved for Parole. WOAI 4 News. 10/15/2012.


“San Antonio Four” Screening to Examine Women’s Innocence Claims. Michael Barajas. San Antonio Current. 10/12/2012


Woman Recants Accusation of Sex Assault. Michelle Mondo. San Antonio Express-News. 09/17/2012.


Sexual Assault Case Merits Second Look. Editorial Board.San Antonio Express-News. 09/27/2012.


Did these Women Molest Two Girls? Michelle Mondo. San Antonio Express-News 21/12/2010.


Behind Bars Darrell Otto.Texas Monthly Web Extra. April, 2009.