Case Updates

12/2008 – Sponsorship – National Center for Reason and Justice

In August we submitted an application for sponsorship to the National Center for Reason and Justice (NCRJ) in Massachusetts. Following a thorough review of the evidence, they have offered to serve as fiscal sponsors for the Four Lives Lost case. Having NCRJ onside is a definite step forward for the case, and will open doors for the women in their pursuit of  justice. This is an important development because there had been no forward momentum for nearly a decade. Psychologically this will give everyone hope, and something to believe in once again.

04/2009 – Media Coverage – Texas Monthly

We have had some good fortune lately in terms of positive media coverage. Michael Hall at Texas Monthly asked me to write a short essay about my involvement in the case for their April 2009 webmagazine. Mike wrote a short background piece about these types of cases entitled Hysteria. My piece is entitled Behind Bars.

11/2010 – Sponsorship – Innocence Project of Texas

On November 16 & 17, 201o Debbie Nathan from National Center for Reason and Justice had very successful and productive meetings with Jeff Blackburn and his legal team at Innocence Project of Texas (IPoT)  in Lubbock. IPoT had been reviewing the case and considering sponsorship. At the conclusion of the meetings the IPoT team voted to take the case. They have initiated a campaign for cases where junk science has been used to attain a wrongful conviction. Nancy Kellogg’s highly contentious testimony as a medical witness in two trials made this case a prime candidate for IPoT sponsorship. This is great news both in terms of buoying the women’s spirits, and it frees us from the burden of raising funds for legal and investigative services.

12/2010 – Media Coverage – San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio Express-News reporter Michelle Mondo worked on an investigative article about the case for over 18 months. The story, entitled “Did these women molest two girls?” appeared on the front page of the Sunday December 19th edition and lent  strong support to the women’s claim of innocence. Significant research went into this project. Michelle worked on her own time, outside her duties as a crime reporter.  The story focuses on Dr. Kellogg’s outdated and questionable medical evidence,  including her bizarre theory that the women were Satan worshippers. Numerous inconsistencies in the statements and testimonies of the accusers, and the continuing pattern of unsubstantiated claims of sexual abuse within their family are also discussed.

01/2012 – Facebook Page Established for this Case.

Supporters established a Facebook page. Please visit for current information about the case.

02/2012 – Documentary Filming Begins

Filmmaker Deborah S. Esquenazi begins filming a documentary Please visit the Blue Cabin Studio web site for the latest developments.

11/17/2012 Media Coverage – New York Times

Maurice Chammah from the Texas Tribune had a great piece about this case entitled “Fighting to Exonerate Texas Women Convicted of Child Sexual Assault” published in the New York Times. There has been a string of articles published lately – mostly within the State of Texas – that have consistently been very supportive of the women’s claim of innocence. The NY Times piece has the potential to move media coverage onto the US national stage and possibly beyond.

Updates on Media Coverage

Due to the rapidly increasing number of articles that have been published on the case, I have established a separate page on this site with a  list of all publications to date that will be updated as more appear.