Cassandra Rivera

“My biggest pain is not being able to be a mother to my children whom I’d never harm. Due to another families dysfunction, we’re separated – And it kills me”.

— Cassandra Rivera 07/04/07

My first impression of Cassandra Rivera was of someone who lives life at the surface – that there were no layers to be peeled away in getting to know her. That original belief has proven accurate. Cassie is warm, open and honest, sometimes brutally so. She has two children, a son who is now 16 and a daughter a year younger. Cassie has chosen to be forthright with her children about everything that has happened to her. In addition to her children, Cassie’s mother and a brother two years older, her entire family, have formed a strong support network for her. Under Texas law, because of the offenses Cassie has been wrongfully convicted of, physical contact with anyone under the age of 16 is illegal. This means that, from the time she entered prison until her son turned 16 in 2007, all visits with her children have taken place with a sheet of plate glass between them, their conversations monitored by prison staff.

Excerpts from Cassie’s Letters:

“We’ve never been shy nor ashamed because we did nothing wrong and wanted the world to know just that! We’ve lost a lot, but never our dignity. I’ve always kept my faith that the truth will set us free ‘cuz everything comes to surface eventually. We’ve been so patient and strong. It’s a battle but there’s no giving up. None.”

“There are so many questions in this case that were left unanswered. Like why was there never any medical counseling for the traumatized victims (?) They lied so much on the stand. I want to know where they are now and what really caused them to do this to us. I know they have to know they did wrong”

“I’ve watched my babies grow up behind a glass window. I can’t hold them until they turn 16”.

Cassandra Rivera 07/04/07

“There’s been times I’ve fallen ‘cuz I couldn’t believe what was happening. Unlike females in here though I’d lay down at night with a clear conscience. I’d have to remind myself that We, Anna, Liz, Kris and I have hope because God knows we’re innocent. So I couldn’t break down or fall apart. Here we are 7 years later still waiting for the truth, those lies to be revealed as lies. The pain never ends and the nights are the hardest”.

“As far as Liz’ family goes. Yeah, there were many mixed emotions. It wasn’t her fault. I just don’t understand how we fell to their deceit and dysfunction. We were all good friends, young, living and then Bam, we were hit with this nightmare. I blame no one but the man who raised those girls, V.L. and S.L.”.

“I’m sure this type of situation has happened to so many people. I just never thought it would happen to us.”

Cassandra Rivera 08/12/07